Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Sellie all about?

Sellie is a platform that enables you to effectively manage your business. It is beneficial to keep track of your online (through channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) sales. By registering, you have access to a free business website that you can design and use to showcase your products and easily take payments from customers. It also allows you to seek payments from debtors, issue invoices and receipts, and create discount codes and discounts. Additionally, it provides in-depth data on your company's performance, including total sales, expenses, shipping costs, top customers, and much more.

What can I sell on Sellie?

You can sell physical and digital products.

Where is Sellie available?

Sellie is currently only available in Nigeria but is set to expand to other Countries soon.

Does Sellie help me run ads?

Sellie has all the necessary tools to assist with your ads, including Facebook pixel and Google analytics, but it does not assist with running advertisements. You can see analytics to make informed decisions about your business. When you upload your products to your website, you can advertise on it and share the URL with your customers.

Which devices can I use with Sellie?

You can use any device to manage and access your Sellie store.

Can I lose my data?

Your Sellie website and data are entirely hosted in the cloud, therefore your data cannot be lost. Additionally, you are relieved of the responsibility of server and software maintenance.

Is my Sellie Website Free?

Your website is completely free, created immediately you sign up and active shortly after review.

How do i get my Sellie store link?

Your website link is located at the bottom left corner of the menu on your dashboard.

Can i customize my sellie website(store)?

Yes, you can, website customization is available for all users.

Can i use a custom domain on Sellie?

Yes, you can use a custom domain on your website. You can either purchase or integrate an existing domain when you are on the essential or professional plan.

Can i offer discounts and coupons to my customers?

Yes, you can offer discounts and coupon codes to your customers.

How do my customers purchase from me?

They only need your website URL to make purchases at any time.

How do I receive payments?

You can add your bank account as a payment method to receive transfers directly or create a paystack account which you will link to your Sellie store to receive payments automatically using paystack (tutorials on how to do this is available here).

What payment options can my customers pay with?

We provide options like Card, USSD, Bank transfer, QR code and Bank. Your customers can also pay directly into your bank account, also the pay on delivery option is available.

Does Sellie have a transaction charge?

Sellie doesn't have any transaction charge as you can receive payments directly to your bank account(when you use bank transfer) without any third party.

How do i track my sales?

You can keep tabs on your sales, merchandise, and clients using the analytics tool on your dashboard. Sales enable you to contrast those from the previous week, month, quarter, year, and year prior. You may view your monthly earnings from each sales channel. You can keep track of your top 5 performing products during a given period and your bottom 5 performing products using products. With customers, you can examine your overall number of customers, average customer spending each period, number of new consumers you have each period, and number of returning customers. Additionally, you can view your top customers by volume and trade.

How do i know when i receive an order?

Everytime you receive an order, you'll recieve an email and whatsapp notification if you have it linked.

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