How to add products to your Sellie store.

Making sales is essential to running a small business. Your company will practically die if you don't sell the goods or services you offer. That being the case, it only makes logical that the first action you take after obtaining a free website on Bumpa is to submit your products so that visitors can view them and buy from you. Adding a product is easy just follow the follwing steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Click on Quick Add and then Add Product.
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  4. Type in the name of the product, the SKU (Store Keeping Unit-This is a unique number assigned to a product), Price Category and Price task is optional, type in the price and and last price, attachment is for digital products and is optional and also put in the stock quantity of that particular product.
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  6. If you have any custom values you can put them if not just skip, make sure display product is turned on, toggle display variants on if you have any variations of the product, upload the main image of the product and then other images.
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  8. Type in product description and specifications if any.
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  10. Type in product details if any and then click save. Yippee! your product has been added!
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